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Thanksgiving Frog - Korny - Scum Frog Trophy Series

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Product Description

Everyone deserves a tasty-looking Thanksgiving feast, including the bass in your favorite fishery. Serve up an irresistible meal with the limited-edition Scum Frog Trophy Series Thanksgiving Frog Korny. Festively adorned with a Turkey Day inspired paint scheme, the Korny Frog utilizes a digitally patterned finish that offers increased durability to stand up to multiple aggressive blow ups with minimal wear and tear.

In addition to its generous visual appeal that is ideal for anglers and collectors alike, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Thanksgiving Frog Korny also delivers outstanding performance to dominate your lakes. Ideal for working the edges of vegetation, it is designed to ride low and push a lot of water for more surface disturbance to trigger aggressive blow ups. Thanks to its ultra-soft plastic it also walks the dog with ease and instantly collapses to provide an excellent hook up ratio. On the rear, it is equipped with a patented keel hole that allows the frog to self drain at the beginning of every cast to ensure a proper presentation. Armed with an Owner hook that delivers lightning-fast hook sets, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Thanksgiving Frog Korny is a fun and festive amphibian that is sure to draw a ton of looks from other anglers and explosive strikes from the bass in your water.

Scum Frog Length Weight
Thanksgiving Frog Korny 2.75" 5/8oz