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About the Company

American Baitworks Co. is an innovative American based fishing tackle company that provides custom manufacturing of fishing lures and products for our customer’s specifications. Our family of brands includes:
    • BaitFuel™️
    • NetBait®
    • Halo Fishing®
    • Snag Proof®
    • Scum Frog®
    • Freedom Tackle Corp.®
    • STH Bait Co.™️
Our passion for fishing runs deep at American Baitworks Co. where our focus on innovation and advancing the sport of fishing never ends.
From our manufacturing and distribution centre on the coast of Mississippi, USA and around the world, we want anglers of every level to have the best experience every time they’re on the water. Contact us to see how we can apply our passion and experience to manufacture your fishing products.

American Baitworks Co.