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Scum Frog Trophy Series Halloween Frog Skully

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Product Description

Available while supplies last, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Halloween Frog Skully allows anglers to hit their favorite fishery with an undead-inspired amphibian that delivers all of the impressive performance of Scum Frog’s proven Trophy Series line-up. Enveloped in a limited-edition digitally patterned finish, the Scum Frog Halloween Frog crawls out of the cemetery with a midnight black body that sports a spooky skeleton pattern for the perfect treat to trick a trophy-class bass.

Ideal for working the edges of vegetation, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Halloween Frog Skully is designed to ride low and push a lot of water for more surface disturbance to trigger aggressive blow-ups. Thanks to its ultra-soft plastic it also walks the dog with ease and instantly collapses to provide an excellent hook-up ratio. Further improving its rate of hook-ups, Scum Frog armed the Halloween Frog Skully with a sticky sharp Owner double frog hook that will help button up any bass that dares to tangle with this Beetlejuice-approved toad. On the rear, it is equipped with a patented keel hole that allows the frog to self-drain at the beginning of every cast to ensure a proper presentation. Great for every frog season, but particularly wicked on a moonlit Halloween outing, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Halloween Frog Skully might be just the dose of witchcraft needed to land a late-season personal best.

Scum Frog Length Weight
Halloween Frog Skully 2.75" 5/8oz