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Hammered Minnow Spoon

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Product Description

Freedom has taken its highly successful Minnow Spoon and kicked it up a few notches in creating the new Hammered Minnow Spoon. Incredible flash will come from the hammered scale pattern finish as the lure sinks horizontally upon fall. The Hammered Minnow weighs in almost double its original cousin because of an all-metal bead on the belly so it will fall faster but still maintains its tantalizing side to side wobble. The new lure sports a single hook on the rear with a bead attractor. The quick-change clevis on the rear allows anglers to quickly change bead colors to match the conditions with the extra hooks and beads included in the package. A great addition to your ice fishing arsenal.



  • Hammered finish for ultimate flash
  • Metal bead for sound and weight
  • Quick-change clevis
  • Comes with extra rear hooks & colored beads