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Chatterbait Freedom

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Product Description

The product of collaboration between Z Man and Freedom, the Z-Man Freedom Chatterbait offers improved snag-resistance and a free-swinging action that flat-out catches. Utilizing Z Man’s patented blade attachment design, the Z Man Freedom Chatterbait delivers unmatched vibration and an erratic movement that is on a whole new level. Built with Freedom’s patent-pending hook release system as well, the Z Man Freedom Chatterbait produces a pronounced wobble that is second-to-none. Additionally, the specially designed, twisted hook attachment allows anglers to swap-out hooks in an instant, opening the door to an almost-endless combination of trailers. Offered in a number of bass-catching colors, the Z Man Freedom Chatterbait combines respective intellectual property to give anglers the best vibrating jig on the market – hands down.



  • Patented ChatterBait bladed swim jig design
  • Stainless hex-shaped ChatterBlade with new extra-strong quick clip line tie
  • Swinging hook design allows for weedless rigging
  • Proprietary Freedom advanced interchangeable design allows for easy hook changes and customization
  • 5/0 long neck VMC hook holds silicone skirt and allows for easy rigging with a variety of soft plastic trailers