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BaitFuel Saltwater GO2 Bloodworm

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BaitFuel Saltwater GO2 Blood Worm

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 Introducing the BaitFuel Saltwater GO2 Blood Worm SUPERCHARGED with BaitFuel’s X65 Saltwater Formula, it targets a wide variety of species with remarkable durability, lifelike action, and color. Made in the USA, BaitFuel soft plastics deliver the ultimate bait performance.

 BaitFuel Soft Plastics rely on F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology), stimulating a fish's predator instinct, provoking key aggression habits for increased bites and longer hold times. BaitFuel keeps fish biting, even in high-pressure situations, by creating a powerful scent cloud and expands your strike zone, attracting more fish.

 BaitFuel's X65 Saltwater Formula is integrated directly into the bait, featuring powerful attractants and taste enhancers. This ensures consistent success with every cast, enhancing “go-to” color patterns, shapes, and shimmer. Experience the true triple threat with the BaitFuel Saltwater GO2 Blood Worm

 Choose the BaitFuel Saltwater GO2 Blood Worm and elevate your bait performance to unmatched levels. Redefine your fishing game with the power of BaitFuel.

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Length - 8"

Qty in pack - 6