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Creature Baits

Twin Tail 3" Baitfuel Supercharged

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Size: 3"
Qty in Pack: 10

With over the top kicking/swimming action, the NetBait Twin Tail Trailer works amazing as a trailer on a Freedom CFL Chatterbait or Freedom SpeedFreak Spinnerbait or as a Freedom Swim or Flippin Jig Trailer.

In addition to the erratic action of the twin tails, the body of the bait is ribbed to sports enhance vibration.

Available in a variety of colors, the NetBait Twin Tail Trailer will fit on the back end of whatever you're throwing to catch more bass!


Developed in a Lab – Proven on the water, BaitFuel is SUPERCHARGED with F.A.S.T. – Fish Active Scent Technology –scientifically engineered to stimulate a fish’s predator instinct. BaitFuel provokes key predator aggression habits in fish stimulating more bites and longer hold times for your bait. BaitFuel keeps fish biting, cast after cast, even on pressured bass by creating a scent cloud behind your bait. BaitFuel expands your strike zone and brings more fish to your bait.

BaitFuel is the next generation of scent technology. BaitFuel ‘s X55 Formula is injected directly into the bait with powerful attractants and taste enhancers that fish bite – cast after cast after cast. Using a revolutionary manufacturing process to supercharge traditional soft plastic baits, BaitFuel enhances all the go-to color patterns, shapes and shimmer anglers demand for optimal performance! BaitFuel powered baits deliver a true TRIPLE threat.