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American Baitworks Co. warrants to the original purchaser that its rods are free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. American Baitworks Co. is not responsible for normal wear and tear, nor failures caused by accidents, abuse, alteration, modification, misuse or improper care. This applies to either rods purchased separately or as a combo unit.

If your rod failed due to a manufacturing defect and is still under warranty, we will be happy to replace it with a new rod of the same or comparable model. If your rod is within the original warranty period, American Baitworks Co. will need to inspect your rod to determine the nature of the defect.

Replacement Process: A replacement can ONLY be justified if the rod blank is actually broken. If a rod is cut down for a replacement and is deemed by Halo representative as a repair NO REPLACEMENT WILL BE ISSUED. All other rod issues please see REPAIRS section. For a rod replacement we need the broken pieces of the rod, a current shipping address, contact information (First and last name, telephone number, and email address), the receipt and any fees that are required for the replacement. Please see shipping charge and replacement fee model breakdown.

Rods NOT covered under warranty may also be submitted for replacement for a nominal fee. Please contact us directly for details.

If your rod is within the original warranty period (1 year from the date of purchase for manufacturer defects), we will need to inspect your rod to determine the nature of the break.

In order to file a warranty claim and/or replacement claim, we ask that you provide the following and email it to us at American Baitworks Co.

  • Photograph of the actual break
  • Photograph of the model number (located above the handle/opposite side rod)
  • Photograph of the brand and model (located above the handle)
  • Photograph of the rod as a whole
  • A copy of your receipt (if within warranty period)
  • Your contact information (daytime phone number along with your full name and physical address for return delivery - we cannot return to a Post Office Box).

Please contact our customer service department at and we will call you to coordinate your credit card information to finalize your warranty/replacement order and/or should you have any further questions.

If you have other service, parts or warranty questions, please contact us at