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The Drifter Minnow 3.25" Baitfuel Supercharged

Drop Shot Baits Regular price $7.69

Product Description

The Drifter Minnow is designed for serious smallmouth anglers with subtle features that bring the perfect blend of art and science to smallmouth fishing.

The secret of the Drifter Minnow is centered around the hand-finished 3D eyes that truly mimic a baitfish coupled with a unique, pintail design that delivers unreal action when the bait is presented as either a dropshot, vertical jig or with the Flatty Jig.

The Drifter Minnow also boasts the same key features that make all Drifter Series baits so good; Premium high float plastic blends give the bait incredible action accentuated through a ribbed body design and in colors that smallmouth can’t resist.



  • High-floating plastic
  • Super soft, salted & scented
  • Pintail design for maximum action