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Hollow Body Frogs

Bobby's Perfect Frog

Regular price $10.99

Hollow Body Frogs

Bobby's Perfect Frog

Regular price $10.99


  • Water e-vac system
  • Rear weighted balance
  • Welded line tie
  • 360 hand-designed paint jobs

Perfect is exactly what we do and we've taken Froggin' perfection to the next level with the ALL NEW Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog featuring:

Water Evac System

- designed to naturally expel any water infiltration while the frog is being fished for unbeatable buoyancy and consistent performance.

Rear-weighted balance

- Snag Proof’s design is engineered to keep the frog heads-up when stationary and deliver maximum action when worked through sparse or the thickest of cover.

Braid-secure Line Tie

- Snag Proof’s machine-welded line tie eliminates even the slickest braided lines from slipping through the eye of the two-piece through-wire hook system.

Super Hollow Body

- The hollow cavity design of Snag Proof frogs works together with our super-soft injection-molded body and Water Evac System maximizing body compression and delivering higher percentage hook-ups.

360 Hand Designed Graphics

- Each Snag Proof design is created right here in the USA by our internationally renowned and award-winning lure designer Andrew Gardner. Snag Proof paint designs cover 360 degrees of the frog body so EVERY angle a fish sees is covered in the 14 new designs.

Always great in moss, "cheese", weed beds and lily pads, the Perfect Frog is even more versatile in that it "walks" like a stick bait in open water! Anglers will now be able to "walk the frog" like the pros. Here's how: Point your rod tip down straight to your feet aimed at the frog. Twitch from 8:00 to 6:00 with enough slack at the end of your rod to make a curve not a straight line. If the line is straight, the frog will move straight. Repeat this process and the frog will move left and right, left and right.