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Speed Freak™ Spinnerbait - Full Frame

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The new FT Speed Freak Spinnerbait can achieve high speed retrieves because of its unique lead jig head design cuts through the water better creating less lift with the bait. While the the raised hook position in the keel head increases the hook to head gap increasing hook-ups.

The Speed Freak also sports the patented Kilter Blade which will throw off a unique vibration fish haven't felt before generating more bites!

The bait is finished with a 2-barb super sticky bait keeper that is fully integrated with our premium black nickel hook – sized matched for the spinnerbait weight which is stamped in three sizes directly on the head. The head design also relies on a proprietary collar to increase skirt flair.

The Full Frame is best suited to power fishing applications chasing largemouth or even giant smallies.