Topwater Chaos will Erupt with the Innovative Mischief Minnow

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (July 7, 2020) There is nothing more exciting than a fish erupting on a topwater bait and the chaos that ensues. Topwater chaos is what makes the all new Mischief Minnow from Freedom Tackle one of the hottest and most innovative baits to land in 2020 – and puts it in a class all its own. 

The secret to the Mischief Minnow’s performance is the unique Kilter Blade – this custom blade design is center-mounted on the bait body by an angled blade pin. The patent-pending Kilter Blade creates a highly erratic action – there is simply nothing like it in the market today!

Working the bait is simple, relying on the Kilter Blade to create side-to-side body rolling action which mimics a wounded baitfish on the water’s surface. The Mischief Minnow’s unique thrashing action combines clacking sound, wake vibration and blade flash – a true triple threat in topwater fishing that makes fish want to smash.”

At rest, the high-float body relies on a nose-up presentation that thrashes into action with the slightest twitch. Use a straight retrieve or mix it up with a pause-and-rip rod technique to entice bone-jarring strikes! 

The Mischief Minnow is designed to put fish in the boat with premium paint finishes, super-sharp Gamakatsu Short Shank treble hooks and the exclusive Freedom Color-Matched Custom Kilter Blade.

“The Mischief Minnow brings innovation to topwater fishing by combining all the advantages of sound, wake and blade flash in a pencil style bait design,” said Michael Tamburro, President of Freedom Tackle. “Two years of design and product testing has given us feedback from the biggest critics we have – the fish! They don’t just eat it, they want to destroy it and that’s the kind of mischief we want to create when topwater fishing!”


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