NetBait Collaborates with STH Bait Co to launch new line of Finesse Soft Plastics

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (July 7, 2020) NetBait Tackle is advancing the company’s line up of soft plastic baits with the all new STH Finesse Series. The collaboration between the two American Baitworks Co. brands will expand the NetBait product selection with 3 new series of products; Finesse Series Drifter, Finesse Series Crush Worms and Finesse Series Tubes.

The new NetBait STH Finesse Series products have been designed almost exclusively for fishing smallmouth bass, as well as, highly pressured and finicky fish where subtle bait actions and reduced bait profiles are critical to generating more bites. These super-soft bait profiles are made with exceptional attention to detail with incredibly natural color patterns.


NetBait STH Finesse Series Products



Drifter (2.75”) 6/pack

One of the best baits available for finesse applications like drop shot, jig head and the STH Flatty Rig.  A classic, handcrafted, hand-poured bait with year-round application for Bass, Walleye and Ice Fishing, the Drifter is 2.75 inches and comes in 8 color options. 

Super soft salted and scented, the Drifter moves freely in any application without you having to shake it. Integrated 3D eyes give the Drifter a lifelike, fleeing baitfish appearance to get every fish to stop and chomp. 



Crush Worm (3.75") 10/pack
Stumpy Crush Worm (3.5") 8/pack
Jr. Crush Worm (3") 10/pack

The Crush Worm is one of the most lifelike baits available on the market today thanks to a super-soft, high-float plastic integrated with salt and scent – the ultimate combination to get fish to bite and hang on! 

The three size profiles give anglers the option to size down between the Crush Worm and Jr. Crush Worm for more subtle presentations or use a slightly wider bait profile with the Stumpy Crush.

The Crush Worm has quickly become the mainstay drop shot bait for a wide range of anglers. We recommend using an extremely subtle technique with minimal rod tip movement as it’s been proven consistently that slight twitches and dead sticking the Crush Worm optimizes the bait’s performance.



Our Finesse Series Tubes are rewriting the rules when it comes to tube fishing and smallmouth bass! STH Series Tubes outperform others because of an important design feature – body to tail ratio!

The 40% body to 60% tail ratio delivers vastly improved action with the slightest twitch of your rod and allows for a fully exposed hook in the tail section which improves hookups with hard-lipped smallmouth bass.

Available in 10 colors and two sizes; 2.5” and 4” – tube anglers can use the bigger size tubes for smallmouth and largemouth or size down for super finicky bass and walleye that need to be enticed with a smaller profile. 

“We’re excited to announce these incredible new baits under our new STH Finesse Series which is adding even more versatility to our products and giving anglers more choice and more bites with NetBait.” said NetBait Tackle President Justin Sward.

Launching through Virtual ICAST 2020, NetBait Tackle STH Finesse Series products will be available in August 2020 and will be offered in updated dimensional clamshell packaging designed to give anglers full visibility of each bait profile and color.

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