Halo Fishing pro, JT Kenney announced Tuesday afternoon that he will be moving on from his career with the FLW Tour and will now compete on the recently-announced MLF Bass Pro Tour in 2019.

Kenney made the announcement through a video posted on his Instagram page where he spoke of his FLW career and excitement for what is to come on the Bass Pro Tour in the future.

“I’ve built my entire career around FLW and loved every minute of it. Those people aren’t just friends to me, they’re like family.” Said Kenney. “They have a great college program, a great high school program, all the way up to the FLW Tour level. But there’s something new, something big.”

Kenney has enjoyed a 17-year career as an FLW Tour pro where he has amassed over $1,500,000 in earnings, four tournament wins, and 11 Forrest Wood Cup appearances. He will move on from FLW and join the Bass Pro Tour, which is a premier 80-angler tour featuring eight-events with a championship and heightened payouts, made possible through Bass Pro Shops and Outdoor Sportsman Group coming together to support Major League Fishing.

“I’ve been provided the opportunity to be involved with something that is going to change the entire fishing industry forever.” Said Kenney. “I feel like it could be my legacy to the fishing industry that I’m going to be able to bring more fans to the sport, help bring more opportunity to the sport, and help more people to have an opportunity to make a living at this sport. So, with that being said, for the first time in 17 years when the FLW Tour kicks off January 10-13 at Sam Rayburn Reservoir, I’m not gunna be there.”

After reflecting on his decision, Kenney had this to say about the new opportunity.

“This move is bigger than me. There are some very gifted and visionary people behind this. I truly believe that in a short period of time this sport will have more fans and enjoy more growth than it’s seen since its inception some 50 years ago. Will it be good for me financially and super beneficial for my sponsors? Of course, it will. But there’s a bigger picture. This sport could now truly have a possibility of being a true pro sport with paid athletes. Having an opportunity to be part of the inaugural group of anglers is extraordinarily humbling and something I am not taking lightly. The future is extremely bright, and I am staring straight into it.”

MLF officials will announce the full MLF Bass Pro Tour schedule, format and full list of the 80-angler field in the next few weeks.