Features Designed to Make a Difference on the Water - Freedom Tackle Launches New Series of Jigs

Innovative Swim, Structure, Grass, and Football Jigs Designed to Dominate!

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (July 15, 2020)  When Freedom Tackle took on the challenge of developing a series of Made in the USA jigs, the first thing company President and Product Designer, Michael Tamburro did was consult with pro anglers across the country to understand and inspire innovative design features that they wanted to see in a variety of jig styles.

The result: Freedom Tackle has developed the next generation of pro-inspired jig designs with a focus on quality, performance, and innovative features that every jig angler demands! The all-new jig series is centred around Freedom’s proprietary no-slip trailer holder which keeps your soft plastics practically glued to the premium Mustad UltraPoint Jig Hook. Each Mustad hook is integrated into a super hard powder-coated jig head designed to stand up to the punishment any bass will put them through.

Each jig is hand-finished with a premium, custom-designed 50 strand silicone skirt in colors developed in consultation with fishing pros, as well as jig anglers across the country, to offer the most popular regional colors.

“We’re extremely pleased to launch a complete series of jigs that rely on Freedom’s commitment to innovative design to help anglers dominate on the water. Our Made in the USA jigs were developed in collaboration with professional anglers to offer colors and features we believe are unmatched in the industry.” said Freedom Tackle’s Vice President Nick Tamburro.

Freedom Tackle Swim Jig

The Freedom Tackle Swim Jig (FT Swim Jig) is purpose-built for swimming through a variety of structure or open water presentations. The FT Swim Jig will come through rock, trees, bushes, and grass with ease thanks to the vertical 30-degree line tie that has perfect alignment through the center of the jig head designed to deflect through structure and thick cover. The FT Swim Jig boasts Freedom’s proprietary no-slip trailer holder, a premium 5/0 Mustad UltraPoint Jig Hook and is finished in 12 fish-catching colors. Available in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz versions. 

Freedom Tackle Grass Jig 

Grass is a factor practically anywhere you fish bass and the Freedom Tackle Grass Jig (FT Grass Jig) is purpose-built to handle the thickest vegetation with ease. Available in four sizes to handle any density of grass from 3/8 through to 1/2, 3/4 and 1oz and in 12 of the most popular colors.

The FT Grass Jig relies on Freedom’s proprietary no-slip trailer holder. This innovative design keeps your soft plastics locked to the premium Mustad 4/0 UltraPoint 30-degree Jig Hook no matter how much the grass pulls on your trailer. The FT Grass Jig also relies on a premium super-stiff fiber guard to keep the hook grass free on the retrieve. When bass are in the salad, the FT Grass Jig hooks up with ease! 

Freedom Tackle Structure Jig

Freedom Tackle has levelled the playing field for targeting bass in deep structure with the all-new Freedom Tackle Structure Jig (FT Structure Jig). Purpose-built to fish in deeper structure, ledges, and cover without getting hung up thanks to the “fat-head” design which deflects away from structure. The fat-head design comes with an integrated, super-stiff weed guard keeping the premium Mustad UltraPoint hook free from snagging up and fish pinned on the fight back to the boat. 

The FT Structure Jig boasts Freedom’s proprietary no-slip trailer holder which keeps your soft plastics stuck in place on the hook shank. Hand-finished with premium, custom-designed 50 strand silicone skirt in 16 colors and available in 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 oz versions.

Freedom Tackle Football Jig

Dragging bottom for giant bass is a proven technique throughout the country and Freedom Tackle’s Football Jig (FT Football Jig) is designed to create maximum bait action in the skirt and trailer. Whether dragging through gravel, chunk rock, or ledge structure, the FT Football Jig virtually eliminates snagging-up and the 60-degree horizontal flat eye set into the wide-head wobble design makes the jig come alive with action. 

The FT Football Jig comes equipped with a premium Mustad 5/0 UltraPoint Jig Hook that will let you duke it out with big bass when the scrimmage is over and its game time! The FT Football jig features 50 strand silicone skirt in 14 colors and is available in 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 oz versions.

Launching through Virtual ICAST 2020, the FT Series of Jigs will be available in October 2020.

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