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Bobby's Perfect Buzz

Buzz Frogs Regular price $12.10

Bobby Barrack has been fishing a "homemade" version of a buzzing frog since the early 90's.... Read More

Bobby Barrack has been fishing a "homemade" version of a buzzing frog since the early 90's. Bailing wire, a prop, and a Snag Proof Hollow Body Frog were the original components. Snag Proof has taken the old concept and jazzed it up for the new millennium. Bobby’s Perfect Frog has evolved into the Perfect Buzz! All the best features of the Perfect Frog enhanced with a light-weight blade, and paddle feet give you a buzzfrog that tops them all! Tie on a Perfect Buzz for some of the most explosive topwater action imaginable.

The Perfect Buzz goes where the standard buzzbait can't go, and has the durability that other soft plastic toads and frogs can't match! Buzz it, twitch it, pause it—it floats, pop it, chug it, and hang on! Heavy cover like, Lilypads, Bullrush, Tulles, Saw grass, Pond weed, Hydrilla, Elodea etc.., are the perfect environments to fish the Perfect Buzz in, around, over and through! The Perfect Buzz performs best when tied to 50# to 65# braided line. Cast the Perfect Buzz next to, or on top of, heavy vegetation. When a blow up occurs during the retrieve, hesitate for a quick moment, then, give that big ole bass the BAD NEWS! Bobby’s Perfect Buzz… features: Gamakatsu EWG Double hooks, internal glass rattle, kickin’ paddle feet, high-quality aluminum blade and the best hollow frog body including ITT—inner tube technology making it virtually unsinkable! Made in the USA. Weight: 3/4 oz.
Length: 6 1/2"
Hook: Gamakatsu EWG 4/0 double hooks